Self Storage

Get A Self-Storage In Singapore

Self storage has a history for few centuries and is not considered a new trade, but it is still a fresh concept especially to most people in Singapore. But there is an increasing trend for the needs of extra storage space due to higher rentals or property inflation for shops, offices and houses with bigger area to store products/goods, documents and personal belongings. And as Singaporeans become more affluent, more people are investing more time and money in pastimes that require accessories and cumbersome equipment in which storage space is essential. Storage of company documents are also becoming an increasing burden to businesses, and thus are searching for more alternatives and better flexibility with regards to storage and additional overhead costs.

The Storage Place is a self-storage facility allowing businesses and individuals to store their items in the premises at affordable rates, and even provide versatile time spans ranging from a fortnight to years.

The Storage Place started as a single self-storage facility in 2007 and has expanded to a total of 6 strategically-located storage facilities to date, catering to the demands of corporations, families and individuals throughout the island. We have storage facilities scattered around the island, located at Jurong, Kovan, Jalan Pemimpin, Kallang, Geylang and Eunos. Showroom & customer service is located at International Plaza. For the convenience of our customers  taking public transport and those who drive, all our storage facilities were placed not far from MRT Stations and expressways.

Self Storage Space Rental

Why is self-storage essential?

People might not even realise that they have a prolonged need for self-storage.

As Singaporeans get more opulent, there is a desire for their home to reflect their personality rather than merely a place to live. However, limited by space constraint, they are unable to accommodate all their possessions and interests. The Storage Place comes into play by helping to de-clutter and create room for your belongings and for easy retrieving when required.

In the business context, resources have to be used to drive results instead of being spent on premium land. As such, young companies tend to utilise our business storage facilities as we provide flexible and economical alternatives as compared to conventional warehouses.

Customers are able to rent required area space that matches the size of their inventory. And simply rent additional space whenever needed. With our flexible lease terms, small-scale businesses are able to utilize our storage space rental services as a short term solution for space overflow.

We are confident that our storage services can bring about a substantial difference to working and living spaces, though many are still not aware about such storage options. Thus, significant amount of focus have been put into informing people about the concept of self-storage. As a consequence, demand increased naturally as more people appreciate the benefits of it.