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Personal Storage

The need for space in land-scarce Singapore is an obstacle that we perpetually struggle to overcome. Apart from wanting the space to
keep our belongings.

Business Storage

We constructed storage to be effortless, allowing you to place more emphasis on doing your business. It is easy to realise how self-storage is definitely more economical.

Moving Services

Looking for professional services in moving your items around?
We have the right dedicated
moving team for your moving needs.

Get Extra Storage Space In Singapore

Are you looking for a storage space to store items that have not been in use? Or are you moving into a new place? You would be amazed at how storage space can help refine your life. Property prices have sky-rocketed ever since and our society has progressed into a millennium with a more sophisticated lifestyle.

Below are some of services we provide for business & individual: Self-Storage Your warehousing demands can be served with self-storage as we offer the similar utilities, coupled with a ceiling above each unit. All our units boast a chic wooden interior, designed to keep furniture and other goods on a long-term basis. Mobile Self-Storage Besides offering all the advantages of a conventional self-storage house, Mobile Self-Storage is an integration of storage and moving, from our facility all the way to your doors or any specified address, at the start or at a later stage when needed. Spaces are rented out on a monthly basis. The 40 sqft- space is 5 ft. x 8 ft. x 7 ft. tall. We also offer quarter and half sizes. Once a unit is fully loaded, it will be sealed tightly and locked for safekeeping similar to a bank’s safe.  Moving services are also provided. At our retail store, we offer logistic services and supply packing materials.

We also sell boxes with dimensions of 50cm x 40cm x 40cm (high).

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Why Choose The Storage Place


Round the clock security for peace of mind


Enjoy everyday access all year round with our storage systems and solutions

30% Cheaper Than The Rest

Highly economical. Pay only for what you need


We provide storage solutions in several locations all around Singapore, with a few located near the MRTs

Integrated Services

From moving to packing to transportation to even forklifting. We are the few in Singapore that can add value to our customers in this way

Free Packing Materials Provided

We are the only one in Singapore that offers free packing materials to our customers: 10 boxes and a masking tape per 40 sqft storage

Explore Our Storage Pricing Options

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the storage place rates

We offer a wide range of storage solutions:

Self Storage | Integrated Storage Solutions | Logistics Solutions | Portable on Demand Storage | Valet Storage
Secured storage | Fulfilment Center | Modern Warehouse Solutions

Our Secret Is Our Economies of Scale

We offer all sizes of storages and our rents are significantly lower.

We are one of the few in Singapore with reliable stacking capabilities, which maximise our storage space. In turn, our customers are able to enjoy the lowest rates in the market.

We offer not only competitive prices, but also better services via our processes and capabilities. We provide integrated services and ensure that contents are stored securely.

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We Understand Your Concerns

I'm afraid of the cost

Allow us to give you a better understanding of your own requirement and you can get a non-obligatory transparent quotation from us. In addition, you can be assured that our pricing is one of the most cost-effective in Singapore. In addition, we provide additional support on top of our base prices

I'm doubtful of the service quality

Not to worry, as our assistant will bring you through our processes. It is transparent and straight-forward; ensuring that all of our clients will enjoy a peace of mind

I can always source for my own diy solution

Clutter will always be a big concern, especially if you have a big volume of goods to keep. One can always have their own storage space, however, that would mean that one has to deal with the clutter and the organisation of their own goods. However, at The Storage Place, you do not have to worry about that. In addition, with our storage space, you will have 24/7 access to your goods

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FAQs on Self-Storage

Self-storage provides an affordable storage place for businesses and people with flexible durations ranging from one month to as long as you want. Our self storage facility provides a wide category of different storage units, granting our clients with the ability to rent a space with a size that meets their needs.

As compared to conventional storage, self-storage gives you the freedom of renting a space that is the most appropriate for you, so you won’t have to fork out for more space than you require.

Previously, business and individual clients had to depend heavily on big storage organizations and removal companies to store their inventories, but had no flexibility, limited access, and only long-term contracts. As the market for self-storage progresses, more alternatives are provided for your storage needs.

Objects that do not adhere to the safety requirements are not permitted into our storage facility. These items include:

    • Haphazard materials such as flammable and explosives goods
    • Decomposable items such as exposed food
    • Livestock such as plants and animals
    • Illegal or stolen goods such as firearms, drugs etc.

You can access your unit every day, all year round, so you can remove or add anything into your storage room as and when required. We do not charge for access.