Finding the Perfect Storage Size for Your Needs

Whether we are talking about moving to a new house, decluttering our current space, or simply trying to organise our belongings, storage is an essential part of our lives.

Finding the perfect storage size for our needs can be a challenging task, but it’s crucial for keeping our possessions safe and easily accessible.


Common Storage Sizes

Before we dive into the process of finding the perfect storage size, let’s first understand the common storage sizes available in most facilities:

  • 5′ x 5′: This is equivalent to a small closet and can fit boxes, small furniture items, and seasonal clothing.
  • 5′ x 10′: This is like a walk-in closet and can hold larger items, such as a mattress and some furniture.
  • 10′ x 10′: This size is comparable to a small bedroom and can store the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including appliances.
  • 10′ x 15′: Similar to a large bedroom, this storage unit can fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or house.
  • 10′ x 20′: This size is equivalent to a one-car garage and can accommodate the contents of a three-bedroom house, including large furniture pieces.
  • 10′ x 30′: This is the largest standard storage size available and can hold the belongings of a four or five-bedroom house, including multiple appliances and furniture.


Assessing Your Storage Needs

Now that we understand the common storage sizes, how do we determine which one is the perfect fit for our needs? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Size and Type of Items: Take an inventory of the items you plan to store and their dimensions. This will give you an idea of how much space you need. Also, consider the type of items – bulky furniture will require more space compared to boxes and smaller items.
  • Accessibility: Think about how often you will need to access your storage unit. If you plan to visit frequently, a larger unit may be more convenient to navigate.
  • Future Needs: Are you planning to add more items in the future? It’s always better to leave some extra space for future storage needs.
  • Budget: Storage units come in different sizes and prices. Determine your budget and choose a size that fits within it.


Tips for Maximizing Your Storage Space

Once you have found the perfect storage size, here are some tips to make the most of your space:

  • Utilize Vertical Space: Stack boxes and furniture vertically to use the entire height of the unit.
  • Invest in Shelving Units: Shelving units can help organise your belongings and free up more floor space.
  • Label Your Boxes: This will help you find items easily, but also prevent unnecessary digging through boxes.
  • Disassemble Furniture: If possible, disassemble large furniture pieces to save space and make them easier to store.
  • Choose Uniform Box Sizes: Using boxes of the same size will make it easier to stack and organise your storage unit.



Finding the perfect storage size for your needs requires careful consideration of your items, accessibility, future needs, and budget.

By assessing these factors and following space-saving tips, you can make the most of your storage unit and keep your belongings safe and organised. Remember to regularly review and reassess your storage needs to ensure that you have the right size for your changing storage needs.